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Topgame OMS

TOPGAME’s OMS has been developed and supported in-house. The platform`s intuitive user interface can be accessed by all devices and via major browsers. It enables operators to easily manage all aspects of the gaming operation, including Customer Services, Marketing, Player Account, Administration and Business Intelligence.

TOPGAME Operation Management System offers:
o  Single Player Account
o  Customer Service Management System
o  Player Management and KYC System
o  CRM solution
o  Payment Processing and Risk Management System
o  Full API to allow Operators to create their own websites with unique look and feel
o  Secure Vault for protecting player information
o  Business Intelligence Solution
o  Multi-Level Agent System
o  Chat Retention Tool

Single Player Account

The Single Player Account enables players to seamlessly play on different products without transferring funds. The player sees the same balance across different product, be it Casino, Poker, Bingo, Lotto or Sportsbook..

Player Management and KYC System

The Player Management System provides a single view on players across different products. The KYC system integrates with various 3rd party providers for customer verification.

Customer Service Management System

The Customer Service Management System enables operators to handle player queries in an efficient and effective manner. Through our Operations Process Management System, operators can automate any business process including customer verification, cash out verification, customer in bound contacts and follow up, handling VIP customers etc. The Operations Process Management System streamlines all Operational processes and communication within and across departments to provide effective customer service.

CRM Solution

The CRM solution provides end-to-end functionality from player segmentation and scheduling bonus through promotions and messaging using various channels, i.e. email, SMS, mobile notification and instant client notification. Operators can configure a wide variety of bonus and promotions to increase player engagement and retention.

Payment Processing and Risk Management

Our Payment Processing System connects with over 30 payment solution providers in various markets. To get started, operators simply need to open accounts with the Payment Solution providers. The Risk Management system helps the operators to manage and mitigate player fraud and risk.

Chat Retention Tool

Using the Chat Retention Tool, operators can communicate with their customers in real time. They can proactively contact customers when they log in and offer bonus and promotions depending on player history, VIP level and behavior.


One of the most important features of the platform is our Full API Solution that provides high flexibility and customization capabilities. We provide a comprehensive set of functionalities for website creation via API, providing operators the freedom to create the Casino Client with their own unique look and feel for Web, PC and mobile as there are no layout limitations. With our Full API Feature, operators can implement any design pattern and flow to improve player conversion while creating any desired modification.

Ultimately, operators create the user interface of their own choice. Operators can display various interfaces to different audiences and segments according to their IP addresses, i.e. players from different countries. Also, they can use any 3rd party tool to A/B test and optimize user interface to enhance conversion rates.

Secure Vault for Protecting Player Information

Using our secure vault module, operators can maintain player information on their own servers without TOPGAME having any access to the player demographic information.

Business Intelligence Solution

Using our Business Intelligence tool, operators have access to player data, information, transactions, game history etc. Operators can do their own analysis in real time, generate KPI reports and create ad-hoc analysis anytime.

Multi-Level Agent Layer System

The Multi-Level Agent System enables operators to manage any agent and player network regardless of the size and complexity