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Responsible Gaming

TOPGAME is a software provider of gaming technology. We are not gaming operators and therefore are not directly in contact with players.

We encourage a socially responsible attitude to gaming within our industry, both with our licensees and within our own company. The following procedures outline how our company deals with underage gambling and how to encourage responsible gaming in the context of our software systems.

These procedures are consistently reviewed and enforced to ensure our technology and systems meet the required standards of the industry, our licensees and regulated jurisdictions.

1. Financial Monitoring

Gaming integrity and financial monitoring are highly significant aspects for the operations of all licensees. Our platform has several features that allow for the identification of irregular patterns of behaviour that may arise from fraud or money laundering activity. Our professionals continuously review financial transactions, both deposits and withdrawals as well as gaming behaviour to ensure that players are protected and cannot gain any material or financial advantage via these activities.

2. Problem Gambling

For the majority of society, gaming and gambling is considered a recreational and leisure based activity. However for some, gambling can become addictive. Our systems allow our licensees to monitor the players’ activity as it pertains to gaming and therefore identify player behaviour traits or patterns for those that potentially could become susceptible to problem gambling.

3. Self-Control

TOPGAME`s software provides a full history of transactions, withdrawals and deposits via the players` personal history. The system also allows a range of bet or stake limits which can be set and controlled by the player by contacting customer support staff. These limits can be set daily, weekly, and monthly.

4. Gaming Deposit Limits

TOPGAME's system allows players to exercise self-control by choosing to limit themselves to a predefined deposit amount per gaming period which cannot be passed. The player can contact customer support staff for assistance in configuring such limits before playing.

5. Gaming Bet Limits

The system allows players to apply limits to their bets placed on popular games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. This functionality restricts the amount that can be bet in these games. For further assistance players are welcome to contact Customer Support staff.

6. Game Play Limits

Our system provides for the ability to allow players to limit the time duration of their game play activity. Game session timer functionality provides the player with a gentle reminder about how long they have been playing for.

7. Self-Exclusion

The TOPGAME system provides facilities for player self-exclusion. The player may ask to be self-excluded simply by contacting the Customer Support. Upon request, the player's account shall be closed and remain closed for a minimum period, from one day to 12 months. During the self-exclusion period, the player’s account shall not be reactivated under any circumstances. In addition, the player will also not receive any promotional marketing communications from TOPGAME.